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***Important Shipping Information***

All of Ted’s meat products will be shipped 2-day priority mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Meat products will be shipped in a Styrofoam cooler packed with ice gel packs, and then boxed. Customers will receive an e-mail or phone call when their order has been shipped. Customers are responsible for making sure products are retrieved from their door step within the two days.

***Meat Products Shipping and Handling***

Shipping and Handling: $40.00
Cooler: $15.00
Total: $55.00 (for one meat order)
A second meat order shipped to the same address
Shipping and Handling: $10.00
Total: $65.00 (for two orders)

Due to the limitations of our web site shopping cart you will be charged $85.00, and then refunded $20.00, for every order of two meat products.

Shipping cost for additional meat orders
$75.00 for three meat orders
$85.00 for four meat orders
$115.00 for five meat orders
When six or more meat products are ordered shipping will be calculated manually at the same rate.

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